About Us

Hi, my name is Carlos Taylor and I am the owner of Love’s Facade LLC. Love’s Facade was created as a statement to show that anything is possible if you focus and put your all into a project. Some might ask "What makes your brand different from others?" Well at Love’s Facade you'll find that every style of clothing has a unique aspect to it to make it stand out. Whether it shines best during the day, night, or both I strive to make every piece of clothing stand out in its own way. This brand was meant to target those who often wear their heart on their sleeves and who have an optimistic & charismatic yet bold & moody personality. Growing up I never really had up-to-date clothes and I used to get bullied about what I used to wear. The older I got the less I cared about what others said and I started to get into my style. I made my first hoodie when I was in the 10th grade and ever since then I've always liked the fact that I could make my clothes. I didn't start taking it seriously until the fall of 2020. During that time that's when I made almost a thousand dollars off one order but I wasn't working on my brand at the time I was doing custom shirts. It was cool but I didn't have a passion for doing customs for others so I venture into doing my brand. I figured if I'm going to do anything it'll be for myself. Then I thought why be selfish when I can do something for myself and others at the same time. At the end of the day, I want to provide not only good quality merchandise but also a positive experience that leads to a happy customer. Everything I plan to do with Love’s Facade will be a story hidden between the threads with everyone to have their interpretations of the story. 
I also want to showcase the different forms of love that I’ve experience. As a young black man in America, I’ve only experienced as much as I can handle and so far, I believe I’ve grasped a clear understanding of how the world works. Starting with early childhood and everything being so straightforward there was no reason to question what is & what isn’t. In my teenage years it was more about explore & rebel with a better perception of discipline and responsibility. Now in my early twenties I still don’t have a clear understanding of life, but I do know that I have a firm grip on what I believe in. I understand myself value & morals while having faith that I can accomplish anything I truly set my heart & mind on. Also, with a humble attitude to help me stay clear of what’s not meant for me I can attract what feeds my life’s purpose. I’ve had my fair share of heartbreaks, backstabs, betrayals, come ups, and falloffs that all help me understand that only the real recognize what’s real but even the realest can have some of the fakest ways and the only thing that can bring it all together is the acceptance of one another flaws & sins because that is what make us human.
That’s Love’s Façade.